Saturday, May 23, 2009

We're mad as hell and we're not going to take this anymore

In the last 10 years the size of government has doubled in the state of California, as well as going from a $75 billion, to a $145 billion "budget".
The rate of expansion between 1997 to 2007, was like hiring 48 people EVERY day, for a straight 10 years. There are over 235,000 California state employees. Los Angeles has 22,000 unionized city workers, alone.

Add the fact our elected officials have created one of the worst business climates in the country, as California has the highest corporate income taxes in the West.
In February, the liars and thieves in Sacramento decided to dump a higher tax burden on the California taxpayer. Schwarzenegger and his buddies forced on us the largest state tax increase in the history of the United States, including:
  • 1% sales tax increase, (up to 10.25%, depending on the city)
  • a boost in vehicle license fees that nearly doubles
  • additional 5% surcharge on state income tax

It's fascinating about psychopathic liars. They don't understand that when they lie, it pisses people off. That's why 5 of 6 propositions were defeated at the May 19th special election in California. What did our leaders in Sacramento propose?:

  • Prop 1A, was nothing more than a two year extension of the taxes that were just imposed on the citizens of California. This was explained off by the designers as a "rainy day fund". This lost 66% to 34%
  • Prop 1B, was nothing more than a bribe to the teachers union. This lost 63% to 37%
  • Prop 1C, was nothing more than a borrowing scheme to borrow from future lottery revenue. This lost 65% to 35%
  • Prop 1D, was nothing more than taking money from Children's Services Funding. This lost 66% to 34%
  • Prop 1E was nothing more than taking money from Mental Health Funding. This lost 66% to 34%
  • Prop 1F prevents elected Members of the Legislature and statewide constitutional officers, from receiving pay raises in years when the state is running a deficit. This won 74% to 26%
This is the post election message California state Assembly Speaker Karen Bass wants to spin in the media. She said:
  • "It was pretty clear that voters were giving us a very specific message. This is too complicated, we don't want to vote on it, we are fatigued with the number of elections we've had, especially special elections".
I'm never fatigued to vote down a tax increase. It seems to me the people who cared, voted. Is Karen Bass just out of touch with her constituents? The message from the people who voted was no more taxes, no more borrowing, no more money laundering, no more spending. That's what the propositions proposed and they were voted down. The message was simple.

The California voter defeated a huge power structure designed to financially suppress the people. The political hacks pushing the tax increases spent nearly $30 million, while those opposed had less than $4 million to get the truth out.
Who supported this atrocity?:
  • Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Darrell Steinberg, state Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, Assemblyman Mike Villines, Senator Dave Cogdill
  • the Republicans (donated $650,000)
  • the Democrats
  • big oil
  • hollywood
  • the prison guards union
  • the teachers union (donated over $1,000,000)
  • the state workers union
  • liquor industry representatives
It's time to take our government back. A total restructure on how money is spent. They took simple government services and they turned it into some sort of gold plated employees package with unions.

For example much of our taxpayer money doesn't go to the classroom. For instance, why do California teachers get a 25% higher salary and benefits, than than the national average? And there is a 50% drop out rate in Los Angeles.
Also, California spends $43,000 a year for each prisoner. Florida, spends $18000, per prisoner.
Both Democratic and Republican legislators conspired to pass this insane tax increase. Let's get them out of office one at a time.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has betrayed the people of California for the last time.