Saturday, July 18, 2009


After his approval of splurging millions of dollars of city taxpayer money on a memorial for Michael Jackson, and because he's got all the books balanced here in L.A., Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was asked on MSNBC, about his in-depth analysis concerning the state of the economy in California as a whole.

[Mr. Mayor, is there a way forward, in your mind, and if so what are key to breaking not only the short term crisis but what seems to be a longer structural economic crisis in California?]

  • "Well, there is a way forward and that way forward requires that we make cuts in programs, serious cuts, and legislature's done that over the last couple of years."

Wait a second! Make cuts? How about cutting the amount of money we spend on celebrity memorials? Anybody for that? The financial whiz that he is, Villaraigosa conveniently forgets to mention that between 2003 and 2007, California state spending grew 31%, compared with a 5% population increase. A lot of the spending increases had to do with unions. For instance, the unfunded liabilities of the 356,000 California state workers pension plans are now estimated at over $200 billion. Wait there's more.

  • "But it also requires that we raise the revenue that we need to provide the safety net of programs that are so essential to Californians."

All right, Mr. Mayor. Raising taxes again, in one of the highest taxed states in the country, just after the largest state tax increase in the history of our nation back in February; is required??? So Villaraigosa's plan, after he's blown millions of dollars on the Michael Jackson memorial, is to raise taxes on us to strengthen the safety net. Could you strengthen the safety net by not spending millions of dollars on a celebrity memorial?

[Mr. Mayor, where do you get that revenue from, that your talking about? Are you in favor of significant increases in the tax rates particularly among the wealthy?]

  • "Well, I'm in favor of raising taxes and cutting programs."

California already has the highest state income tax, the highest sales tax, and the highest gasoline tax in the nation. The business climate is so unfriendly thwarted with strict regulations, a recent Milken Institute report found that between 2000 and 2007, California lost nearly 400,000 manufacturing jobs. So raising taxes doesn't seem like any type of compromise in solving Sacramento's out of control spending. How much more can be sucked out of the California taxpayer to finance his illegal alien children in the schools and his illegal alien children being taken to the hospitals by their illegal alien parents? Why do we have to put up with this? Why does this man exist running the city of Los Angeles campaigning on national television for more taxes? I guess it's easy for Villaraigosa to say raise taxes, when his city of Los Angeles has a $500 million plus, deficit... but that's not exactly a sign of economic insight.